Security at Hello Uni

The safety of your data is of great importance to us at Hello Uni. We made this page to help you to know some of the ways we keep your data safe.

What happens to my payment data?

We use Stripe to handle all credit card transactions. We do not interact at all with your payment information, rather Stripe processes the payment, and send us confirmation of whether or not it was successful. No payment information is ever saved by Hello Uni.

Is my connection secure?

All the pages on Hello Uni use the HTTPS protocol, to ensure data is sent from our servers to your computer securely. This protocol provides end-to-end encryption, so nobody else should be able to see the data sent between you and Hello Uni. Most modern browsers show a pad-lock next to the URL in the address bar when HTTPS is used, indicating a secure connection.

What do you do with my answers?

We use state-of-the-art analytics to estimate the difficulty of questions, so we can better estimate your progress. We save every answer you give to a study question, so you can view past sessions. We also analyse your answers, alongside the answers of every other student, to better estimate the difficulty of each question. All this is done anonymously, so that nobody else ever sees what answers you personally gave.