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  • 1000+ questions covering the entire UMAT syllabus.
  • 100+ pages of study guides loaded with UMAT strategies.
  • 2 hours of lectures on the theory behind UMAT questions.
  • 200+ video solutions for selected questions.
  • Machine learning-powered UMAT rank prediction.
  • Unbeatable value at only $89 for the 2018 UMAT.

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Expertly crafted software designed to help you study smarter

This is a seriously intelligent operation. Two accredited aerospace engineers (once high-achieving students themselves) designed HelloUni's innovative software. Their technical prowess has allowed them to make use of the principles of big data and machine-learning to create powerful feedback tools that deliver you an abundance of accurate and helpful information about your progress.

The graphic to the right is just one of the unique features available to HelloUni subscribers. The red datapoints show what your results were in the last month for every topic, while the dark blue datapoints show your results from your most recent drill or exam. The shading in-between these two sets of data shows how much a student has improved.

HelloUni's advanced software will help you to learn not only the content for your exam, but it will also teach you about your own study habits, strengths and weaknesses. With this constant supply of vital information, every single HelloUni study session will help you to maximise your final mark.

The highest quality content to match our industry leading software.

Answering questions is only half the battle. Understanding the question, and every aspect of its solution, is the best way to master the content.

At HelloUni, you don't just get a question and a simple corrected response. You get detailed, clearly explained solutions to every question we ask, and bonus video solutions to hard questions to help if you get stuck.

We've also tried very hard to distill the theory behind UMAT questions into theory guides. Our experts have written many pages of detailed theory guides, and produced several hours of video lectures to give you a bedrock of understanding in problem solving techniques that can be applied to questions you've never seen before.

We have a commitment to constantly building out our content library and are adding new questions and videos every week.

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Take the uncertainty out of your future.

Anxiety on exam day can seriously impact your performance.

HelloUni greatly reduces pre-exam nerves and stress by helping you know where you rank relative to your classmates, allowing you to enter the exam room confident that you will succeed.

After each exam or drill, you'll see not only the questions you got right or wrong, but what percentage of other students found the correct answer.

We will then use this information and a sophisticated computer algorithm (based on the advanced mathematics of 3-parameter item response theory) to build a statistical profile of how well you are likely to score on the day.

The more questions you complete, the more accurate this profile will be. As your skills and knowledge improve, this profile will also skew towards higher scores.

In exams where your results come in the form of percentile rankings, this is extremely valuable information. For the first time ever, UMAT students can study for the test with goals and targets based on hard data.

Dedicated to our students.

Students are our priority. Our mission is to act as good global citizens and try to increase education outcomes for as many students as possible, regardless of background.

And we are so proud to show these values in our pricing.

We are here to disrupt a predatory market that has for too long price-gouged good-hearted parents only wanting the best for their children.

Our product is not only a higher quality evolution of the UMAT preparation services (that have existed in their current form for more than a decade), but we are happy to offer this amazing service for a fraction of the cost of these dinosaurs.

We price our platform competitively and affordably because we want as many students as possible to be empowered to succeed. There shouldn't be any financial barriers to your success.

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